Tuesday, January 24, 2012

(non)Dairy Delight

Today marks day 7 of little to no dairy for me.  I didn't plan on cutting it out, but it kinda happened, so I just went with it.  Last month I did a cleanse - not a stupid, unhealthy cleanse, but a healthy, nutrient-rich, non-allergenic cleanse - and it was stated by one of the people conducting it, that excluding dairy from her diet really cleared up her skin.

Well, I only made it through 10 days of the 14-day cleanse (and maybe more about that another time), but I did notice my skin was fantastic!  So smooth and clear!  And my skin isn't normally too bad, but washing it in the shower, I could really tell the difference in how it felt.  Like glass, I tell ya!
So the cleanse didn't go exactly as I hoped (ok, yes - I will talk about this some other time), and I kind of fell off 4 wagons at once, and that was one of them.
But last week, unlike me, I tried a new diet.  I don't like "diets."  Anyway, I did 2 days of the Dukan diet (protein only) and then planned/tried to go back to my pre-cleanse diet of protein, veggies, a little bit of healthy fat, and small portions of rice, beans, lentils, etc. With that there is no dairy.  After a few days, before I really noticed dairy was missing from my diet, I noticed that my skin felt awesome again!
Oh, yeah!!  No dairy = clear skin, apparently.
The true testament?  I got my period today and my skin didn't produce one speck of a blemish!  Amazing!!
So, I'm obviously not lactose intolerant - and I'm not swearing off dairy forever (isn't ice cream made from dairy??) - but it's definitely a good little piece of info to possess.  Don't ya think??
Oh, and another thing.  I take calcium supplements for the couple weeks before my period to alleviate pms symptoms and reduce cramping.  So, ironically, increasing calcium and decreasing dairy helped me this week.
Have any of you (you know, "you" - you phantom readers I hope to have some day...) had any experience with foods affecting your skin like this?

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