Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day #4

OOPS! Almost forgot about blogging!!  Good thing I set myself a reminder on my phone to go off once a day!  That phone is my brain, and without it, I'd be so much dumber and absent-minded.
I give myself reminders for pretty much everything.  Playdates, doctor's appointments, kids' early release days.  A few days ago, I set myself a reminder for December 24th, telling myself to make sure that we all stand to the side of the Christmas tree, rather than in front of it, for our family picture.  There are so many of us, and our tree is so small (by comparison), that we always end up hiding the fact that it's Christmas except for an inch of a tree branch here, a smidge of the star there, and tiny corner of a present next to someone's elbow.

Ok. So there you have it.  Automatic phone reminders.  That is my secret weapon in combating the inevitable "mommy brain" you acquire 5 seconds after peeing on the stick.

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