Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Not Ready!

But I don't think I'll ever be ready.
I'm talking about sharing this blog.  I feel like Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade.
I just need to step out and see what happens.  And hopefully, I don't plunge to my death!  Not likely, right? Right?!?!

All kidding aside, I think getting this blog "out there" is good for a few reasons.
1. What's the point of having a blog if you're not going to let anyone read it?
2. I'm kind of tired of talking to myself.
3. (And this is a big one...) If I'm going to work on my new year's resolution of not worrying about what people think of me, this is a great opportunity.  It will be a good exercise in humility.  I think.

So... here goes...?

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