Friday, January 20, 2012

Blog and Chew!

I have a rare opportunity here.  2 of the 3 little boys are napping (usually, it's just the 2-yr-old), and the third one is playing oh-so-quietly in the playroom.  I should be getting stuff done, but instead I'm blogging!!!!  Do you see why it's hard to keep up with this thing??  There's always something that needs to be done, and blogging seems like such a luxury.  It really seems like a big, fat waste of time.
But I'm doing this because it's part of my 30-day challenge.  And I chose this challenge because it is something I want to do.  Or, at least, I think it's something I want to do.  I think I want to have a blog and/or write a book.  Everyone tells me I should.  But maybe it's just because they find my life interesting (just the fact of having 6 kids is a REALLY big deal to some people), and not because they think I'd be a good writer.  And people have enjoyed things I've written in the past, but whenever I go back and read something I was proud of at the time I wrote it, I'm always a little ashamed and embarrassed.  I think, "Well, that was kind of... crap."
So this challenge is also a test - - an experiment.  Let's see if Tiffany can write!  Let's see if she's any good at it, but let's also see if she can physically put pen to paper... er... fingers to keyboard!... and write something!  And for now, "something" will also mean "anything" just to get words down on the screen.
That takes care of the BLOG part.  Now, on to the CHEW part.
I thought I could kill two birds with one stone by blogging while I eat my lunch.  Then I wouldn't feel so guilty about sitting down at the computer.  A girl's gotta eat, right?!  But I can't type and hold a bowl and a fork at the same time.  And I was so hungry, that putting the bowl down wasn't really an option.
Now I'm done eating and can type.  (Don't make me feel guilty about sitting here when there is a ton of laundry to fold right in the next room!)
I wish I had taken a picture of my lunch to post here, but alas, as I said, it's gone.  Enter, google images...

It was better than this one appears it would taste, but you get the general idea.  (Mine was also probably twice the size!  It was fantastic!  Gigantic garden salad, homemade dressing, and topped with baked chicken breast.  Really - so yummy!  The salad had romaine, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, red & green peppers, and tomatoes.  The dressing was a version of this recipe, but I used lime juice instead of lemon, granulated garlic instead of fresh, and I added some of the creole seasoning I put on the chicken.  I didn't follow that recipe either.  I rarely do.  It's not that I'm such a great cook, but I almost NEVER have everything on hand that an online recipe requires.
Ok - 2 year old awake.  Time up!  And, I still have to take a shower before the kids get home from school! Not that my kids care, and not that I care if it were just going to be my kids, but one of them is having a friend over and I want to look presentable when her mom comes to pick her up!

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